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Technical Research & Development

The technical division’s mission is to provide a place for research, development, and discussion regarding blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Solving the Future's Problems

Tech Talks

Our weekly technical conversations are targeted at an audience with a more advanced understanding of the space, but anyone willing to learn and ask insightful questions is welcome. Past technical conversation topics have included Decentralized Voting, Smart Contract Security, and Stablecoins.. In addition to weekly discussions, the tech division helps provide resources for in-house research and development projects.


B@C organizes and participates in several hackathons each year. The focus of these events is to foster collaboration and innovation among talented students at Columbia. Students who are interested in participating in hackathons should reach out to B@C through our email below and stay up-to-date with our newsletter

Tech Development Team

The Tech Dev Team consists of B@C's brightest engineers and product managers intent on building applications on distributed ledgers. The team takes on challenges in the blockchain space and attempts to develop a solution on different platforms in a short time horizon, such as a month or two. Students garner experience on these different blockchains and are given the opportunity to build applications on them as a group without committing too much time.