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The education division aims to expand Columbia’s technical education and provide the necessary resources to learn about distributed ledger technologies and its applications.

Blockchain Course

Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies - Fall 2018

Blockchain at Columbia will facilitate a free non-credit course titled Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies. The lectures will be held once a week and taught by B@C officers, guest speakers, and Columbia faculty members. The curriculum of the course will provide an overview of cryptography, consensus mechanisms, Bitcoin mining and attacks, simplified payment verification, wallet security, hard/soft forks, smart contracts, decentralized applications, token economics, "fat-layer" protocols, zero-knowledge proofs, privacy chains, side-chains, regulatory concerns, and impact on the environment.

Education Workshops

Blockchain 101

Part 1 of the Intro to Blockchain Mini-Series. This non-technical workshop focuses on the threats of centralization and gives a broad understanding of distributed ledger technology. Some of the topics convered in this workshop include explainations of distributed systems, transactions, account and wallet managment, and nodes in a network.

Bitcoin 101

Part 2 of the Intro to Blockchain Mini-Series. This more technical workshop continued from the first part of the mini-series by applying decentralizided concepts into cryptocurrencies. This workshop explains the concepts of merkle trees, SPV proofs, block creation, minning pools, and security protocols of the Bitcoin network.